Eraserhead - Complete Score - Alan Splet / David Lynch

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Eraserhead Soundtrack CD music With renowned sound designer Alan Splet, Lynch developed any technique he could conjure up -- from recording with pieces of glass tubing, pneumatic engines, or water-based pieces of machinery -- to produce sounds never heard before (or since) in any medium. Eraserhead Soundtrack music CDs Pieces of Fats Waller filter in through the unsettling haze. Eraserhead Soundtrack songs The sounds of the unimaginably horrific baby are nothing less than ghastly. Eraserhead Soundtrack album Few directors could have realized such a potent vision only a first time out. Disturbing, haunting, and -- decades later -- still one of the most compelling sonic creations in the history of film. David Lynch, the mastermind filmmaker behind many bizarrely and creepily intriguing cult classics, started his innovative journey with his first feature-length film Eraserhead. But beyond just filmmaking, Lynch was behind the soundtrack as well, with the help of sound designer Alan Splet.
Track Listing
1. Digah's Stomp: Lenox Avenue Blues / Stompin' The Bug / Messin' Around With The Blues
2. In Heaven (Lady In the Radiator Song)