Enigma - Original Score - John Barry

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For Enigma, John Barry's first score of the 21st century, Britain's most successful film composer returns to the espionage genre with which he made his cinematic name. However this story of code-breaking during World War II is far removed from James Bond, and Barry's score is very much in the romantic vein he has explored since Robin and Marion (1976). Founded on a warmly nostalgic yet distant piano theme, a sense of English pastoral melancholy runs throughout, lyrical cues mixing with low key suspense cuts such as the slow-burning five minutes of tension which is "The Convoy". Significant to the score is an extract from Vaughan Williams' Five Variants on Dives and Lazarus, a series of English folksong variants written just before the outbreak of World War II, the combination of folk and classical elements clearly influencing Barry's own musical sensibility. It is only to be regretted that the full piece was not included, as there is ample space remaining on the 56-minute disc. The programme is completed by two period tunes--the exciting big band jazz of "Big Bottom" by Benny Berigan and his Orchestra and the heartfelt love song, "You'll Never Know", sung by Anne Shelton.

Track Listing

1. Main Title 3:41
2. Where Does One Pee? 1:21
3. Police Chase 1:16
4. The Quarry 2:50
5. Tom Explains Enigma 1:23
6. Is That What Happened? 4:25
7. Wigram Arrives 1:39
8. The Convoy 5:36
9. Waiting for Signals 2:46
10. Tom Goes to Cottage 1:26
11. She Moved On 2:06
12. Simply Wonderful / Finding Crib 1:53
13. Trip to Beaumanor 0:59
14. At Beaumanor 1:21
15. The Train 2:40
16. Goodbye to Hester 3:00
17. Puck Dies 1:17
18. London 1946 2:26
19. End Credits 4:58
20. "The Black Bottom" - DeSylva / Brown / Henderson 2:54
21. "You'll Never Know" - Warren 3:23
22. "Dives & Lazarus" - Vaughan Williams   2:49