Earth vs The Spider - Complete - Albert Glasser

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This CD is mastered from Mr. GlasserÕs own 1/4Ó tape Ð itÕs the complete score as he wrote it Ð in the film the score is edited and moved around and has repeated cues Ð we present every note of music he wrote for the film, in mono sound, as recorded. Right from the beginning, Mr. BIG found a composer for his films whose music was just as deliriously wonderful as Mr. BIGÕs films. Albert Glasser was one of the most prolific B-movie composers in history. He scored hundreds of movies and TV shows. He joined Mr. BIG on his second film, Beginning Of The End, and did every BIG picture up through The Boy and the Pirates. His score for Earth vs. the Spider is Glasser at his best. ItÕs just a perfect genre score, beginning with his grand main title, complete with its wailing theremin. His music pulses through most of the film, propelling it from one scene to the next with suspense music, chase music, mutant spider music Ð itÕs classic B-movie horror music, the kind that anyone who grew up in the 1950s will instantly recognize.
Track Listing
Main Title
Passing Notes / Looking for Dad / Finding The Truck
Looking For Dad in the Cave
The Web / The Amazing Colossal Spider
Back To The Cave With the Police / Dead Dad
Get That DDT in Here Quick! / Killing the Spider
Sad Carol
The Band Rehearsal / Beat It, ItÕs Alive
The Spider Goes To Town
The Spider on Maple Street / Car Diversion
The Plan / Carol and Mike Trapped in the Cave
Sealing the Cave / The Rescue Plan
TheyÕre Trying To Get Us Out / The SpiderÕs Stratagem
WeÕre Coming! / Fried Spider
End Title