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Dune was never going to be an easy film to score. Dense, overreaching, and confusing, David Lynch’s interpretation of the canon of Frank Herbert surely didn’t leave many stylistic decisions strolling in through the front door. Yet despite the soft rock pabulum of its past, Toto constructed a luxuriant and peculiar soundtrack that injects Dune with a barren majesty the film often failed to create on its own. The Vienna Symphony Orchestra lends these peculiar compositions a much-needed precision. Brian Eno helps out with the haunting synth hymns of “Prophecy Theme.” 
Track Listing
1. Prologue
2. Main Title
3. Robot Fight 
4. Leto’s Theme 
5. The Box 
6. The Floating Fat Man (The Baron)
7. Trip to Arrakis
8. First Attack
9. Prophecy Theme
10. Dune (Desert Theme)
11. Paul Meets Chani
12. Prelude (Take My Hand) 
13. Paul Takes the Water of Life ! 
14. Big Battle 
15. Paul Kills Feyd 
16. Final Dream
17. Take My Hand

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