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Dune – Original Score – Black Vinyl – Special Edition – Toto


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Toto’s 1984 score to the hugely anticipated sci-fi blockbuster. Dune. Based on Frank Herbert’s best-selling novel the film failed financially and critically. but now has a huge fan base and has become a cult favourite over the years. One thing that has always been remembered is the simply gorgeous score from Toto. David Lynch chose not to use the talents of a mainstream orchestral composer. but a small band of musicians who wrote for an orchestra and did such an incredible job. Brian Eno contributed with the infamous Prophecy Theme. but the score itself stands on its own as wondrous score and sits happily with many Goldsmith & Horner scores from that era. Pressed on 180grm black vinyl.
Track Listing
Side A
1 Prologue, Main Title
2 Robot Fight
3 Leto’s Theme
4 The Box
5 The Floating Fat Man (The Baron)
6 Trip to Arrakis
7 First Attack
8 Prophecy Theme
Side B
9 Dune (Desert Theme)
10 Paul Meets Chani
11 Prelude (Take My Hand)
12 Paul Takes the Water of Life
13 Big Battle
14 Paul Kills Feyd
15 Final Dream
16 Take My Hand

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