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Dune - Expanded - Complete Score - Toto

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This is the extended score to Frank Herbert's classic sci-fi story, DUNE, composed by TOTO. DUNE was directed by David Lynch and starred Kyle MacLachlan, Patrick Stewart, Sting, Max Von Sydow as well as many others.
This re-issue of the Pendulum release has been newly re-mastered and all the previous anomalies in the recording have been removed. All other releases of this CD are inferior to this new re-issue. 30 tracks of great music.
Track Listing
1. Prologue/Main Title
2. Guild Report
3. House Atreides
4. Paul Atreides 
5. Robot Fight 
6. Leto's Theme 
7. The Box 
8. The Floating Fat Man (The Baron) 
9. Departure 
10. The Trip to Arrakis
11. Sandworm Attack
12. The Betrayal/Shields Down
13. First Attack
14. The Duke's Death
15. Sandworm Chase
16. The Fremen
17. Secrets of the Fremen
18. Paul Meets Chani
19. Destiny
20. Riding the Sandworm
21. Reunion with Gurney
22. Prelude (Take My Hand) 
23. Paul Takes the Water of Life 
24. The Sleeper Has Awakened! 
25. Big Battle 
26. Paul Kills Feyd 
27. Final Dream
28. Dune (Desert Theme) 
29. Dune Main Title (demo version) 
30. Take My Hand