Drammi Gotici - Expanded Score - Ennio Morricone

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GDM Music presents on CD the OST by Ennio Morricone from the 1977 TV series "Drammi Gotici" (aka "Gothic Dramas") directed by Giorgio Bandini and divided in four episodes : "Diario di un pazzo", "La casa delle streghe", "Ma non e' un vampiro" "Kaiserstrasse. All the dark elements of the supernatural and of fear appear in this TV series and in the effective music score by Morricone who successfully has created very different atmospheres, obtaining them from the experimental sound applications with the performance of Dino Asciolla at viola and the fascinating vocalisms by Edda Dell'Orso. The composers alternates dissonant dark and gloomy passages to funny and grotesque themes and to others of ancient and magic flavour. The CD includes an album mock-up (recently discovered) that in those days was assembled by the same composer, but that was never released and also seven rare tracks in stereo properly restored and remastered in digital.
Track Listing
1. Diario di un pazzo (titoli di testa e di coda) (02:41)
2. La casa delle streghe (03:39)
3. Drammi gotici (02:01)
4. Ma non ÔøΩ un vampiro (02:58)
5. Ma non ÔøΩ un vampino (#2) (02:28)
6. Ma non ÔøΩ un vampiro (#3) (01:43)
7. Diario di un pazzo (#2) (02:55)
8. Drammi gotici (#2) (03:51)
9. Kaiserstrasse (03:28)
10. La casa delle streghe (titoli di testa e di coda) (02:42)
11. Kaiserstrasse (#2) (03:22)
12. Kaiserstrasse (#3) (07:59)
13. Ma non ÔøΩ un vampiro (titoli di testa e di coda) (02:42)
14. La casa delle streghe (#2) (03:15)
15. Drammi gotici (#3) (02:35)
16. Kaiserstrasse (#4) (03:58)
17. Ma non ÔøΩ un vampiro (#4) (03:32)
18. La casa delle streghe (#3) (05:50)
19. Kaiserstrasse (titoli di testa e di coda) (02:42)
20. Kaiserstrasse (#5) (04:36)
21. Diario di un pazzo (#3) (01:00)
22. Drammi gotici (#4) (03:07)