Dracula 3D - Complete CD+DVD - Claudio Simonetti

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The Soundtrack To The New Film By Cult Horror Movie Director Dario Argento Which Is About To Be On Italian Cinema Screens In September. The Film, Based On Bram StokerÕs Novel Dracula, Is Released On Occasion Of The 100th Anniversary Of The NovelistÕs Death. The Score Has Been Entirely Composed And Performed By Claudio Simonetti, The Leader Of Prog Band Goblin. The CD contains the soundtrack to the film while the DVD includes the Single ÒKiss Me DraculaÓ, The Making Of The Video, The Mythic Live Concert Of Simonetti Horror Project Dated 1991 and The Novel Dracula in 3 Languages; Italian, English And Spanish.
A Must For All The Fans Of Dario Argento, Goblin And Simonetti"
Track Listing
Track list of the CD:
01. Kiss Me Dracula
02. Dracula Suite
03. Tania
04. Tania Loves Milos
05. The Evil Forest
06. Jonathan In Passburg
07. Cemetery
08. Dracula Blood
09. Lucy's House
10. The Castle
11. Vampires
12. Tania Disturbs
13. The Legend Of Dracula
14. Seduction
15. Awakening
16. Escape From The Castle
17. Mina
18. Free Renfield
19. Sucking The Blood
20. Zoran
21. Bites
22. Mina Goes To The Castle
23. Exploring The Castle
24. Dracula In Love
25. Mina Leaves Dracula
26. Dark Church
27. Kaserne
28. The Massacre
29. Suicide
30. Van Helsing
31. Lucy Burns
32. Cruel Impalement
33. The Asylum
34. Scary Story
35. Tania's Attack
36. Silver Bullit
37. The Tale
38. Dollinger The Graz
39. Repentance
40. Renfield Dead
41. Confession
42. The Final Fight
43. Evil Dies
44. To Eternity
45. Kiss Me Dracula
46. Dracula - Main Theme

01. Kiss Me Dracula, Original Videoclip
02. The Making Of Kiss Me Dracula
03. Simonetti Horror Project, Original 1991 Video:
Profondo Rosso (Rap Version Featuring Dr. Felix)
Ozone Free
Profondo Rosso (Rock Version)