Double Indemnity - 2 x CD Film Noir At Paramount - Complete Scores - Victor Young/Hugo Friedhofer

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Film Noir pictures from Paramount with dramatic soundtracks are examined in exciting world premiere 2-CD set. Miklos Rozsa, Hugo Friedhofer, Franz Waxman, Victor Young, several other composers are featured. Leading the way is powerhouse, influential Miklos Rozsa soundtrack for equally powerful, influential Billy Wilder classic, Double Indemnity (1944), with Barbara Stanwyck, Fred MacMurray, Edward G. Robinson. Angular main theme that unfolds in deliberate fashion is centerpiece. Agitated secondary suspense ideas, blossoming romantic tune also have their say. Legendary final scene stands out with tragic, ever-building "So Long Keyes" leading to anguished fortissimo "Finale". Nearly 39 minutes of intense, magnificent Rozsa. Following is superb Hugo Friedhofer soundtrack from Billy Wilder's stunning, cynical "media circus" picture Ace In The Hole (1951), starring Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling. Intense "Prelude", somber "Sand Trickle" cave-in material, sultry "Platinum Blonde" tune are amongst several dramatic sequences. Highlight is tragic, tent-collapsing "Grand Finale" to grim proceedings. Subsequent "Tatum's Death And End Title" provides solid wrap-up. Sorry, Wrong Number (1948) affords Franz Waxman considerable room for intense, edged action, dark suspense music to accompany emotionally-charged Anatole Litvak film with Burt Lancaster, Barbara Stanwyck. One track by Nathan Van Cleave also appears. Victor Young follows suit with equally charged, dramatic soundtrack for I Walk Alone (1948), directed by Byron Haskin, starring Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas as clashing ex-partners in crime. Thirty minutes of edged, aggressive music features some of Young's most powerful ever. The Desperate Hours (1955) happily survives in stereo, boasting unusual, rhythmically potent soundtrack by Gail Kubik with one track by Daniele Amfitheatrof. William Wyler directs, Humphrey Bogart, Fredric March star in suburban hostage story. Leith Stevens has his say with dark, agitated soundtrack for 1956 Michael Curtiz picture The Scarlet Hour, with Tom Tryon, Carol Ohmart. Score also features melody from film's original song "Never Let Me Go" by Livingston/Evans. Rounding out exciting collection are three cues by Heinz Roemheld from Union Station (1950), Rudolph Mate's kidnap thriller with William Holden. 2-CD set restored from 35mm magnetic film recordings courtesy Paramount Historical CDs project. Chris Malone handles audio restoration, Lukas Kendall guides production, Scott Bettencourt offers informative notes. Dramatic "flipper" cover plus generous booklet chock full of color posters, stills designed by Joe Sikoryak. All scores recorded at Paramount Pictures Scoring Stage. Irvin Talbot, Franz Waxman, Gail Kubik, Daniele Amfitheatrof, Leith Stevens, Victor Young conduct.

Track Listing

Double Indemnity (Mikl—s R—zsa)

01. Prelude (film version)/First Scene (4:50)
02. The Meeting (2:35)
03. In the Cab (0:52)
04. The Anklet (0:55)
05. Inner Struggle (1:18)
06. The Conspiracy (0:57)
07. The Policy (1:48)
08. The Market (1:04)
09. Reading His Mail (0:28)
10. Preparation/The Murder (3:06)
11. Railroad Tracks (3:10)
12. Relief (1:21)
13. The Hallway (2:15)
14. The Daughter (0:57)
15. Warnings (3:02)
16. The Appointment  (1:24)
17. Punishment/So Long Keyes/Finale (8:03)
Total Time: 38:41

Ace in the Hole (Hugo Friedhofer)

18. Prelude (2:47)
19. Sand Trickle (1:22)
20. The Dirty Work Begins (2:09)
21. Platinum Blonde  (1:21)
22. Pneumonia (1:10)
23. Grand Finale (2:32)
24. TatumÕs Death and End Title/End Cast (4:01)
Total Time: 15:36

Sorry, Wrong Number (Franz Waxman)

25. Prelude/The Foreword (2:09)
26. Wedding and Honeymoon (2:07)
27. Staten Island (4:11)
28. The Stanger Buzzer/Mr. Evans Cuts Off (1:18)
29. A Message of Murder (0:53)
30. Bowery 2-1000 (4:00)
31. Finale and End Title/Cast (0:28)
Total Time: 15:14

The Extras

32. SchubertÕs Unfinished Symphony (1:41)
33. Spanish Dance (Van Cleave) (1:18)
34. June in January (Ralph Rainger & Leo Robin) (2:29)
Total Time: 5:32

The Desperate Hours (Gail Kubik)

01. Paramount Seal (Van Cleave)/Prelude (1:42)
02. Kobish Toccata (unused) (2:06)
03. Open Conflict (unused) (0:52)
04. Retribution (Daniele Amfitheatrof) (2:44)
05. Last Chance (unused) (1:43)
Total Time: 9:14

The Scarlet Hour (Leith Stevens)

06. Prelude* (2:01)
07. Never Let Me Go (Theme Intro) (Jay Livingston & Ray Evans) (3:30)
08. Unexpected Arrival/Ralph Trails Paulie/Lynbury Home (revised ending) (3:19)
09. RalphÕs Interruption (1:07)
10. Never Let Me Go (Crystal Room Beguine) (Livingston & Evans) (1:57)
11. Scarlet Hour Mambo (Leith Stevens and Bebe Blake) (2:35)
12. Music City Jump (2:51)
13. Teen Swing (2:50)
14. Breakup/Close Watch/Lynbury Home (original version) (2:21)
15. Paulie Packs*/End Title (2:04)
Total Time: 24:57

*includes ÒNever Let Me GoÓ by Jay Livingston & Ray Evans
Union Station (Heinz Roemheld)

16. Prelude (1:15)
17. The Stockyard (3:05)
18. Trapped/End Title (2:53)
Total Time: 7:19

I Walk Alone (Victor Young)

19. Prelude (1:00)
20. The Revelation/Hi-Jackers/WeÕre Partners (4:43)
21. Double Cross/DaveÕs Double Cross/End of Fight and Intro (4:02)
22. Two Real Friends (1:18)
23. Dutch Uncle/Frankie Comes Through (3:58)
24. Wanted for Murder/Get the Truth (1:53)
25. Five Shots Left (1:30)
26. The Ride (6:16)
27. End of Ride/Together and Cast (3:05)
28. Easy to Remember (1:44)
Total Time: 29:52

The Extra

29. Double Indemnity - Prelude (stereo re-recording) (1:23)
30. Ace in the Hole - Prelude (with FX) (2:32)