Do You Like Hitchcock? - Complete Score - Pino Donaggio

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Filled with dozens of references to Rear Window, Strangers on a Train, Dial M for Murder, Vertigo and even Marnie, Dario Argento's foray into television is a nice exercise from the giallo maestro, exercising his skills while paying homage to his favorite director. Pino Donaggio's score (his third for the director) is an exciting blend of Herrmann-inspired suspense and contemporary electronics, interspersed with seductive siren-like vocals for scenes of voyeurism. Performed by the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Natale Massara, Donaggio's music for Do You Like Hitchcock? is one of the best television scores to come out in recent years - it's a shame it hasn't been released earlier. The CD includes the entire score, including Donaggio's unused tribute to Vertigo called "Homage to Hitchcock". Carefully mastered by Claudio Fuiano, the package includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai, who offer an introduction to the film and the score with comments from the composer - and including a track-by-track narrative discussion that will lead you to the end of the mysterious case!
Track Listing
1. Prologue (5:29)
3. Rainy Night (4:59)
4. Bloody Hammer (3:48)
5. Young Lovers (1:00)
6. Runaway In The Rain (3:10)
7. Try & Kill (1:00)
8. Window On The Yard (2:57)
9. The Yard (2:26)
10. Wrong Key (0:59)
11. The Funeral (1:16)
12. Friends Can Kill (3:29)
13. Quotation (1:53)
14. Homage To Hitchcock (1:12)
15. The staircase (3:15)
16. The Lift (2:09)
17. Suspected (1:25)
18. Look Down The Street (3:16)
19. Bad Dream (1:03)
20. Back On The Crime Scene (4:27)
21. The Roof (3:42)
22. Madness & Sensuality (1:56)
23. Exercise (0:56)
24. Hollywood Memorabilia (2:08)
2. Peeping Eyes (1:38)