Dimensione Violenza – Expanded Score – Limited 300 Copies – Daniele Patucchi

180 - 220 gram, Anniversary Edition, Collector's Edition, Deluxe Edition
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Silva Screen
Daniele Patucci
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Collector's Edition, Limited Edition


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Quartet Records, in collaboration with Cinevox, presents the premiere CD edition of the cult score composed by Daniele Patucchi (LOS AMIGOS, EUTANASIA D’UN AMORE, PANE E CIOCCOLATA) for the obscure mondo-slasher shockumentary DIMENSIONE VIOLENZA (1985), directed by Mario Morra, about death, destruction and weird customs around the world.
During the 1980s, mondo movies were given a new lease on life by the emerging VHS market which allowed filmmakers to be even more gruesome. Although mondo movies from the period were premiered in theatres, their truly flourished on home video, where the interchangeability of the scenes made sure that each copy of the film could be tailor-made to the restrictions of the medium (VHS had different rules than cinematic showings) and the censorship of each market—as well as how much those rules were enforced. DIMENSIONE VIOLENZA is more “heads-on” in its handling of disturbing material.
Daniele Patucchi had already collaborated with Mario Morra on a previous bizarre documentary, DOLCE E SELVAGGIO, and in both films his music continues the tradition of the genre scores composed by Riz Ortolani and Nino Oliviero during the early sixties, where the music creates the shocking effect of juxtaposition as disquieting scenes of torture or death are contrasted with soft, even comic melodies. In this score, Patucchi also offers the usual eighties sound of synthesizers—including a Vangelis tribute—and a sort of new-age jazz mood, which represents a renewal in music for the genre.
DIMENSIONE VIOLENZA was originally released by Cinevox on a limited LP edition with ten cues, reproduced for the first time on CD with this release, along with the complete score; both are in pristine stereo sound. Produced by Claudio Fuiano, the package includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film and the score.
Track Listing
Sculture sulla sabbia (3:41) Fratellanza (3:33) Reduci dal Vietnam (3:09) Bella Blu (2:09) Isola del Sogno (5:07) Dimensione violenza (4:03) Main Title (3:46) Jogging a Miami Beach (4:20) Squali nel Mar Rosso (2:32) Caccia in Palude (3:11) Dimensione violenza (momento epico) (2:48) Dimensione violenza (grottesco) (0:53) Dimensione violenza (ritmo macumbeiro) (2:38) Reduci dal Vietnam (alt.mix) (3:09) Jogging a Miami Beach (alt.take) (2:56) Main Title (piano version) (3:46) Dimensione violenza (dolcemente) (1:50) Isola del Sogno (vrs. tromba) (2:40) Jogging a Miami Beach (alt.take) (2:55) Isola del Sogno (vrs.percussioni) (1:50) Fratellanza (alt.take) (1:48) Dimensione violenza (piccolo cimitero) (2:31) Main Title (alt.piano version) (3:46) Dimensione violenza (salvataggio del cane) (3:31) Isola del Sogno (vrs.tromba con sordina) (1:47) Dimensione violenza (provino) (3:37)

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