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Die Another Day - Original Score - David Arnold

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Pierce Brosnan's 007 is the very model of a modern secret agent, but updating his mission's musical accompaniment has proved altogether more problematic. With Die Another Day, his third score, David Arnold seems to have found the answer.
After the dismal techno-rock assault that made The World Is Not Enough just another action blockbuster soundtrack, Arnold--who came to prominence providing the epic strings for Bjork's "Play Dead"--has largely returned to Bond staples, namely the rasping horns and brooding military marches that defined John Barry's classic scores. Yet all real moments of drama are subtly underpinned with futuristic add-ons. As the stunning orchestration of "On the Beach" lowers to a chilling hush, the sense of foreboding is guaranteed by a murmuring electronic pulse. The clattering mechanical beats of "Hovercraft Chase" add frantic urgency as the rallying horn salvos punch out the Bond theme and the bleeps and squelches of "Laser Fight" carry as much suspense as the vintage aquatic strings.
This time around Arnold's computer-enhanced atmospheres meld rather than compete with his orchestration. For sure, it's not perfect: the excessive use of choirs is more Star Wars than Bond and Madonna's club-friendly title song lacks the grace and drama to do the opening credits justice. For the most part though, it's a glorious return to form that's as welcome as the return of 007's Aston Martin.

Track Listing
1. Die Another Day - Madonna
2. James Bond Theme (Bond Vs. Oakenfold) - Paul Oakenfold
3. On The Beach
4. Hovercraft Chase
5. Some Kind Of Hero?
6. Welcome To Cuba
7. Jinx Jordan
8. Jinx & James
9. A Touch Of Frost
10. Icarus
11. Laser Fight
12. Whiteout
13. Iced Inc.
14. Antonov
15. Going Down Together