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Demons 3 / The Curse - Expanded Score - Franco Micalizzi

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For the very first time on CD the electronic OST by Franco Micalizzi. Two horror films made in the late eighties and early nineties: THE CURSE (aka The Farm, in Italy The Curse - La Maledizione) and BLACK DEMONS (aka Demons 3). The film was titled DEMONS 3 following the huge success of DEMONS and DEMONS 2 by Lamberto Bava, also director of THE OGRE - DEMONS 3. Franco Micalizzi, a versatile and prolific composer of soundtracks for movies like the classic TRINITY, wrote the comments of both electronic films where an atmosphere of terror and suspense alternate with rare moments of calm. This CD was made possible thanks to the original stereo master tapes stored in the archives of Universal, assembled under the supervision of the composer.
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