Death Wish - Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Herbie Hancock

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A killer 70s soundtrack from Herbie Hancock! The record takes the funky style that Herbie was cutting with the Headhunters, and blends it with some more sophisticated scoring that's top in the 70s action and blacksploitation modes Ð perfect for the dark theme of the movie's story. There's loads of funky bits with strings gliding over the top, and some more open-ended numbers with the sort of odd instrumentation and jazzy riffing that you'd find in Herbie's wilder numbers from the time. Cuts include "Death Wish", "Paint Her Mouth", "Rich Country", "Striking Back", and "Last Stop" Ð and side two is the full "Suite Revenge".

Track Listing
Track 1: Devil wish (Main Title)
Track 2  Joanna's theme
Track 3: Do a thing
Track 4: Paint her mouth
Track 5: Rich country
Track 6: Suite Revenge:Striking back/Riverside park/The alley/Last stop/8th avenue station
Track 7: Ochoa knose