Death Warrant - Complete Score - Limited 2000 Copies - Gary Chang

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This is the fourth album of music accompanying JCVD's testosterone-filled action brawls.This long-awaited album was assembled, sequenced and mastered by composer Gary Chang himself, who had a great time revisiting the material after more than 20 years. The informative liner notes were written by Gergely Hubai. Artwork by Kim Schimansky of Callas Design. The CD features almost 40 minutes of score music plus the classic Eighties anthem "Bring Me a Dream", as well as the source cue "You Are My Everything".
Track Listing
01. Main Title
02. I've Got A Large Pee Pee
03. You're Getting Wet
04. Doctor's Checkup
05. Punk Or Play
06. Hey, Fish
07. A Shower With Sandman (Part I)
08. Burke In Laundry
09. Kenesky Gets It
10. Conjugal Visit
11. A Shower With Sandman (Part II)
12. Burke Fries The Guard
13. The Prison Riot (Part I)
14. The Prison Riot (Part II)
15. The Prison Riot (Part III)
16. Burke Vs. Sandman (Part I)
17. Burke Vs. Sandman (Part II)
18. Bring Me A Dream
performed by Craig Thomas
19. You Are My Everything (Source Cue)
performed by Gary Chang
20. A Sight For Sore Eyes (Source Cue)