Deadbeat At Dawn - 2 Disc Special Editon - (Uncut) - Jim Van Bebber

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In the underworld of the American Midwest two rival gangs, the Ravens and the Spiders, rule the streets. Goose, the leader of the Ravens, decides on one final drug deal before leaving the gang and settling down with his psychic girlfriend. His life crumbles around him, however, when his girlfriend is brutally clubbed to death by members of the rival gang. After burying her in a trash compactor, Goose hides out with his junkie psycho father and plots his revenge! His rampage culminates in a massive street brawl with Kung Fu, gory decapitations, vivid throat slashings, car stunts and bloody gunfights.
Disc 1:
The film, Deadbeat At Dawn, including a bit of footage not included in the Synapse version
Disc 2:
-Four Short Films: My Sweet Satan, Roadkill: The Last Days of John Martin, Doper, Kata, Into the Black
-Featurette with Jim VanBebber
-Behind The Scenes Footage
-Still Gallery