Dead Ringers - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Howard Shore

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A new release for this classic Cronenberg score - remastered and repackaged with 14 minutes of previously unreleased bonus material. Claire Niveau is in love with Beverly. Or does she love Elliot? It's uncertain because brothers Beverly and Elliot Mantle are identical twins sharing the same medical practice, apartment and women - including unsuspecting Claire. In portrayals that won the New York Film Critics Best Actor Award, Jeremy Irons plays twin gynecologists whose emotional dependency collapses into mind games, madness and murder. Genevieve Bujold, the Los Angeles Film Critics Best Supporting Actress choice, is Claire. And David Cronenberg (The Fly) won Los Angeles Film Critics Best Director honors for melding split-screen techniques, body doubles and Irons' uncanny acting into an eerie, fact-based tale. Unnerving but also enthralling. (Desson Howe, The Washington Post). Howard Shore has said that 'the music in Dead Ringers works all around the edges. It s all about subtext. It s not about what s necessarily on screen. It s adding another layer, another dimension to the story.'
Track Listing
1. Main Title (2:16)
2. Bondage (2:43)
3. Twins (1:02)
4. Trifurcate (1:26)
5. Separate Us (2:42)
6. Infertility Operation (1:33)
7. Dependence (2:13)
8. Growing Awareness (Complete) (2:44)
9. The Operating Room (1:49)
10. Helpless (Complete) (2:41)
11. Paraphernalia (1:11)
12. Synchronized (2:13)
13. In Delirium (2:42)
14. Welcome Home (1:51)
15. Birthday Party (4:22)
16. Suicide (5:30)
17. Finale (3:23)
Total duration: 42 minutes