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Damien Omen II - Deluxe Edition - Jerry Goldsmith

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Varese Sarabande presents the original motion picture soundtrack to DAMIEN: OMEN II, the second picture in the Omen Trilogy, directed by Don Taylor, starring William Holden, Lee Grant, Robert Foxworth, Lance Henriksen, introducing Jonathan Scott-Taylor as Damien and Meshach Taylor as Doctor Sliced InHalf, featuring music composed by the great Jerry Goldsmith, conducted by Lionel Newman and performed by the National Philharmonic Orchestra.
This special Deluxe Edition marks the first ever release of the actual soundtrack recording for DAMIEN: OMEN II. The original LP release was not the soundtrack from the film, but rather a completely separate recording made for album purposes only. Lost for over 20 years, the recently discovered tapes containing the original soundtrack recording have been resurrected and restored.

This release contains both the original film tracks and the album version of DAMIEN: OMEN II as well as new liner notes
Track Listing
1. Main Title (5:03)
2. Runaway Train (2:38)
3. Claws (3:14)
4. Thoughtful Night (3:05)
5. Broken Ice (2:19)
6. Fallen Temple (2:55)
7. I Love You, Mark (4:37)
8. Shafted (3:00)
9. The Knife (3:21)
10. End Title (All the Power) (3:24)

11. Main Title (2:03)
12. Face of the Antichrist (2:20)
13. Fallen Temple (1:33)
14. Aunt MarionÕs Visitor (:36)
15. Another Thorn (1:18)
16. A Ravenous Killing (3:07)
17. Snowmobiles (1:11)
18. Broken Ice (2:21)
19. Number of the Beast (1:33)
20. Shafted (3:00)
21. The Daggers (1:56)
22. Thoughtful Night (2:36)
23. I Love You, Mark (4:12)
24. Runaway Train (1:10)
25. The Boy Has To Die (1:24)
26. All The Power and End Title (3:14)