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Dalle Ardenne all Inferno - Expanded Score - Ennio Morricone / Bruno Nicolai

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Digipack Deluxe Edition containing a poster 24x36 cm and Booklet in English and Italian Beat Records makes use of a particular care for this miracolus edition fo the original motion picture soundtrack of the movie DALLE ARDENNE ALL'INFERNO. Previously edited in LP and CD, out of stock since a lot of time, was known for only 5 surviving MONO tracks. Recently we discovered in Nicolai's private archive the complete master tapes of the original recording session, in perfect conditions. That allowed us to bring to life more than 64 minutes of great music composed by the Maestros Ennio Morricone and Bruno Nicolai for the movie directed by Alberto De Martino, starring John Ireland, Daniela Bianchi, Adolfo Celi and Curd Jurgens. A great orchestra playes the themes of the movie composed by two of the greatest musicians for cinema in a emotional crescendo on the background of the Ardenne's battle upon which the movie is based. A score that true fans of film music will surely appreciate finally available in a perfect quality with more than 50 minutes never released before
Track Listing
1. Ardenne's theme marcia (03:26)
2. Open sesame (01:43)
3. Flee, guys (03:33)
4. Peek-a-boo (01:45)
5. Tema di Cristine (01:32)
6. Impossible job (02:48)
7. Tema di Cristine (01:58)
8. Tema di Cristine (01:39)
9. Papers and diamonds (03:16)
10. Tema di Cristine (01:57)
11. Cristine's doubt (02:04)
12. Action plan (02:13)
13. L'ultimo respiro (02:08)
14. Lunga attesa (02:26)
15. Last breath (02:31)
16. Circling line (03:01)
17. Cornering the story (03:09)
18. Tema di Cristine (01:16)
19. Dawn of love (03:13)
20. Ardenne's theme marcia (02:17)
21. Ardenne's theme marcia (02:12)
22. Falling from the sky (02:35)
23. After the battle (03:48)
24. Tema di Cristine (02:40)
25. A shortcut Ardenne's theme (00:40)
26. Ardenne's theme marcia (LP version) (02:50)
Total Duration: 01:02:40