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Cyborg - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Tony Riparetti

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A special CollectorÕs Edition film score release for the DirectorÕs Cut of the 1989 Albert Pyun feature film Cyborg. The DirectorÕs Cut, thought to no longer exist and only recently recovered by composer Tony Riparetti and director Albert Pyun, is thematically darker than the released version and features the original score composed by Tony Riparetti and Jim Saad, not used in the final cut and never before heardÉuntil now Cyborg: The DirectorÕs Cut Ð Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a classic vintage late 80_s synth score with soaring thematic elements, dramatic percussion, and wickedly sinister guitar accompaniment. This CollectorÕs Edition pressed disc showcases 60 minutes of the Riparetti/Saad score and features deluxe packaging with full color inserts and liner notes
Track Listing
1. Main Titles
2. The Bridge
3. Into New York
4. The Cyborg
5. Gibs Buried
6. Gibs Resurrection
7. Lost & Found
8. Knife Sharpening
9. Bloody Ball
10. Factory Fight
11. Yin & Yang
12. Beach Flashback
13. Dock to Granary
14. Granary Fight
15. Fender & Gibs Fight
16. The Sewer
17. Running thru the marsh
18. On the Cross
19. Atlanta
20. End Titles