Crash - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Howard Shore (OUT OF PRINT)


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A new release for this classic Cronenberg score – remastered and repackaged with 18 minutes of previously unreleased bonus material. Howard Shore’s music for Crash is among those truly rare times when a film composer and his subject matter achieve optimum intercourse. Every electrified guitar wail and steely screech, every wistful woodwind and haunting harp, and each melancholic violin conspire to provide a soundtrack perfectly suited for, yet independent from, its movie. Shore no doubt adds a darkly romantic logic to David Cronenberg’s screen adaptation of J.G. Ballard’s literary meditation on the eroticism of car crashes. Instead of being obvious or trendy …, he opts for a singular combination of electronic overlapping and echo delays that are both metallic and oddly melodic.
Track Listing
Crash 3:36
CineTerra 1:04
Mechanism Of Occupant Ejection 2:05
Mirror Image 3:25
Where’s The Car? 2:39
Sexual Logic 4:07
Road Research Laboratory 2:12
Mansfield Crash 3:36
Chromium Bower 3:39
A Benevolent Psychopathology 2:23
Two Semi-Metallic Human Beings 2:22
Triton 2:45
Accident… Accident… 2:59
A Crushed Convertible 1:55
Prophecy Is Dirty And Ragged 5:50

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