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Cosmos – Complete TV Series Vol 4 – Limited Edition – Alan Silvestri (OUT OF PRINT)

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Volume 4 of Alan Silvestri Cosmos soundtrack music premieres on CD with bonus tracks! Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey is epic 2014 continuation of famed Carl Sagan television series from 1980. New series features Neil deGrasse Tyson as host with cutting edge CGI, animation, science fact blending into new, compelling journey through space and time. Along for the ride, sometimes leading, sometimes in tow is rich score by Alan Silvestri. As with Volumes 1 – 3, Silvestri melds powerful symphonic sequences with intimate lines, sometimes enveloping them in rich swirling strings, other times enrobing them in lively electronic rhythms. Fourth and strongest volume in quartet of CDs gives larger symphonic material the spotlight. Amongst numerous highlights: “Sifting The Stars” offers dynamic orchestral opening with aggressive low brass and percussion intro leading to virtuoso violins and soaring French horns, followed by warm, lilting new theme for clarinet over pizzicato string rhythm; “What About Us?” brings in dramatic, surging orchestral crescendoes trading with flute and xylophone figures; “Once There Was A World” ushers in exciting, commanding sequence for symphony in lavish, sweeping style brimming with rich major chords. Magnificent full-blooded symphonic treatment of memorable main theme gets rousing moment to shine in “DVD End Credits”. Eight minutes of extras not available anywhere else bring more excitement to the table! This is the fourth and final volume in Intrada’s series of CDs devoted to Alan Silvestri’s magnificent score for Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey. Album produced by Alan Silvestri with colorful booklet designed by Kay Marshall. Lavishly recorded by Simon Rhodes at Abbey Road in London, mixed by Dennis Sands, mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering. Mark Graham, Gavin Greenaway, Alan Silvestri conduct.
Track Listing
01. The Pale Blue Dot (3:23)
02. Duck Soup? (3:54)
03. Pat Patterson (3:05)
04. 4.5 Billion Years Old (4:09)
05. Sifting the Stars (4:08)
06. Stellar Atmospheres (4:33)
07. What About Us? (2:22)
08. Adaptable Species (2:24)
09. Paris, 1878 (2:36)
10. Once There Was a World (3:55)
11. Islands of Light (2:00)
12. Sacred Searching (1:21)
13. Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey – DVD End Credits (2:30)

The Extras
14. A Billion to One (2:16)
15. Nobody Human (1:57)
16. We Hold the Baton (3:43)

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