Controfase - Complete Score - (Black Vinyl) - Limited Edition - Ennio Morricone

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* First ever commercial release for this Holy Grail 1972 LP of brooding avant orchestral, abstract percussion and analogue synth genius
* Special guest appearances from "Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza" and Edda Dell'Orso
* Limited Edition 200 GRM Deluxe Replica LP with exclusive scholarly liner notes by Alvin Lucia, rarely seen photos and newly commissioned inner sleeve artwork
* Full dynamic range 2015 remaster direct from the first generation analogue master tapes
"Controfase is an unknown (and almost lost) masterpiece. A shadowed giant of compositional skill and deft application - a moment when all the stars and their cycles align - unique, harmonious, undeniably perfect. From Walter Branchi's skeletal web of processed VCS3 duetting with mournful violin, to Egoisto Macchi's demonstrative percussion jousting Edda Dell'Orso's breathless siren's call, Morricone and Nicolai have crafted a radiant, forbidden jewel." - Alvin Lucia

Track Listing

Side A
1. Controfase
2. Tempo
3. Soli
4. Come Sommersi

Side B
5. Con Ferma Ostinazione
6. Follia
7. Degenerazione
8. Eclissi Seconda