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Contro 4 Bandiere - Complete Score - Riz Ortolani

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CONTRO 4 BANDIERE, a movie directed in 1979 by a director already popular at the time speaking, Umberto Lenzi. A great budget film with a great score: George Hamilton, Horst Bucholz, Anny Duprey, Ray Lovelock, Georges Claisse, Jean Pierre Cassel, Capucine, Sam Wananamaker interprets some characters and their vicissitudes on the background of WWII. The score by the famous composer Riz Ortolani, epic and melodic, is the perfect compendium for the great action scenes and the various relations among the main characters. A great orchestra directed by the Maestro realizes a great symphonic score now available in this new edition to celebrate great Italian artists, a celebration that was due since a lot of time. Jewelbox edition, liner notes by Umberto Lenzi and Franco De Gemini, Master by Enrico De Gemini, graphic layout by Daniele De Gemini
Track Listing
1 From hell to victory 2'32''
2 Paris: 1945 2'05''
3 Nicole theme 2'49''
4 Hearts in suspense 2'20''
5 Jurgen and Fabienne 2Ô03''
6 Fabienne theme 2'42''
7 Jurgen and Fabienne 2'09''
8 Fabienne theme 1'38''
9 Toward the victory 3'18''
10 Jurgen and Fabienne 2'19''
11 Paris: 1945 1Ô32''
12 Toward the victory 1'31''
13 Accounts to render 1'57''
14 Paris: 1945 2'39''
15 Fabienne theme 2'41''
16 Accounts to render 2'21''
17 Fabienne theme 2'36''
18 From hell to victory 2'12''
Total Time: 42'24''