Contract On Cherry St - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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The 3000 unit limited numbered collectors edition release the Prometheus Records CD release of the compete score by Jerry Goldsmith (Poltergeist) for the classic 1977 FRANK SINATRA TV Movie CONTRACT ON CHERRY STREET directed by William A. Graham (Police Story) and also starring Martin Balsam (Seven Days in May), Harry Guardino (Indict and Convict) and Henry Silva (Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, Code Of Silence) and Robert Davi (DIE HARD). This 3000 unit limited edition CD contains the complete score by Oscar winner Jerry Goldsmith to the film performed by the HOLLYWOOD SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA and is in the same action adventure style of his scores to CHINATOWN and CAPRICORN ONE. - ( SOLD OUT !
Track Listing
1. Main Title
2. Trickin' Along
3. Red Light
4. Equal Partners
5. False Arrest
6. Prowling
7. The Execution
8. Eulogizing
9. The Vigilantes
10. The Deal
11. One Way Ride
12. A Dusty Death
13. Bird Watching
14. Trouble Downtown
15. Saturday Night Special
16. Breach Of Contract
17. Finale