Congo - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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Wow! World premiere of complete Jerry Goldsmith score for Frank Marshall film from Micheal Chrichton thriller with Laura Linney, Dylan Walsh. Original album produced by Goldsmith only featured about 23 minutes of score plus ten minutes of admittedly dynamic African choral material. But that left out virtually half of magnificent score. Goldsmith's approach to thriller offers some of his most riveting action music of the nineties. Intrada presentation includes everything composer recorded, including two versions of rich "Deep Jungle", in which version recorded specifically for album deleted tense snake sequence. Standing out in new tracks are thrilling action cues: powerful Rambo style "Meet Monroe Kelly" airport escape cue, intense "Help Me" where Tim Curry meets his violent end. Other new cues include two versions of mysterious "The Ghost Tribe", "Meet Amy" sequence with alternating thrills, tenderness. Alternates plus "Villagers Chant" written by James Newton Howard & Lebo M complete 62-minute program. Entire score mastered from original digital two-track session masters, vaulted at Paramount, stunningly recorded, mixed by Bruce Botnick. Packaging features both original Epic Soundtrax label album cover plus exciting "flipper" cover. Jerry Goldsmith conducts.
Track Listing
The Album
01. Spirit Of Africa/The Expedition* 2:42
02. Zinj 1:17
03. The Eye 0:24
04. Meet Amy 2:43
05. Something I Lost (Alternate) 0:29
06. Meet Monroe Kelly 1:39
07. Road Block 0:39
08. Crossing The Border 1:29
09. Bail Out* 2:58
10. No Customs* 1:49
11. Deep Jungle - Picture 1:59
12. The Ghost Tribe - Revised 2:04
13. The Rapids 0:39
14. The Symbol 0:47
15. Hippo Attack* 2:26
16. The Other Side - Revised 1:17
17. Crash Site* 1:59
18. Sad Amy 0:37
19. Gates Of Zinj* 4:03 
20. Help Me 2:18
21. We Are Watching 1:49
22. The Mine 0:53
23. Amy's Nightmare* 2:11
24. Kahega* 2:18
25. Amy's Farewell/Spirit Of Africa/End Credits* 10:29
     Total Album Time: 52:45

The Extras
26. Something I Lost 0:20
27. Deep Jungle - Album* 2:33
28. The Ghost Tribe 1:21
29. The Other Side 1:20
30. The Collapsed City 2:21
31. The Villagers Chant (James Newton Howard/Lebo M) 1:50
     Total Extras Time: 9:58
* Original Album Track