Coneheads / Talent For The Game - Complete Scores - Limited Edition - David Newman

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Trio of rousing David Newman soundtracks, all on one CD! First up is Newman's nod to Bernard Herrmann with evocative out-of-this-world score for The Coneheads featuring Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin reprising their popular roles from NBC's Saturday Night Live sketches, this time on the 1993 big screen for Paramount Pictures. Steve Barron directs wild tale of extraterrestrials bent on invasion of planet Earth with Newman tipping his hat towards The Day The Earth Stood Still. Signature "tri-tone" throughout (both in melodic intervals, harmonic vernacular) keeps homage in spotlight while moving "Bed Talk" brings touch of warm Americana into play. "Blunt Teeth" allows serious edge while "Return To Earth" brings satisfying resolution to score. Newman brings rousing, dramatic sports vibe to Talent For The Game, directed by Robert Young, starring Edward James Olmos. Newman joins their 1991 baseball game with musical moments both stirring, poignant. Winning Americana! Filling out CD is crisp, punchy Newman score for 7-minute animation short Itsy Bitsy Spider that played in front of 1992 Paramount feature Bebe's Kids. Witty tale has cute arachnid falling from web into piano pupil's practice session, bringing wacky exterminator (voiced by Jim Carrey) into zany house-destroying efforts to remove it. Newman uses familiar nursery rhyme as foundation for his own wild, madcap orchestral tour-de-force. All three scores presented in dynamic stereo from mint condition master elements courtesy Paramount. David Newman, Lukas Kendall supervise production with informative liner notes from Andy Dursin. Three musical faces of David Newman! David Newman conducts.
Track Listing
01. Opening Credits (3:11)
02. Eating Soap (1:47)
03. Communicator (2:19)
04. Seedling & Eli (2:03)
05. The Symbol (1:58)
06. Phlairndep (1:58)
07. Bed Talk (4:29)
08. WhatÕs With the Head (1:12)
09. The Big Phone (3:01)
10. Human Authority Figures (4:45)
11. Blunt Teeth (3:50)
12. Master Speech (1:45)
13. Return to Earth (2:25)
Total Time: 35:12
14. Traveling Montage (3:26)
15. Rainy Tryout (5:09)
16. The Discovery (1:43)
17. SammyÕs Tryout (1:28)
18. How Good Is My Son? (2:49)
19. Visualize the Target (1:52)
20. DonÕt Try So Hard (3:44)
21. Am I Ready? (2:07)
22. Sammy to the Mound (1:27)
23. The Final Out (6:43)
Total Time: 30:47
24. The Itsy Bitsy Spider (6:00)