Concorde Affaire 79 - Complete Score - Stelvio Cipriani

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There was a time not that long ago when the film music of Stelvio Cipriani was seriously underrepresented on CD. The past decade has seen that error wonderfully resolved, and thankfully the flood of titles continues with this latest from ChrisÕ Soundtrack Corner. CONCORDE AFFAIRE Õ79 is a 1979 film directed by Ruggero Deodato, the controversial auteur behind the infamous body-horrors precursor to todayÕs torture porn, CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST. And just as CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST elicited a distinguished and unforgettable score from Riz Ortolani so too did the same directorÕs CONCORDE AFFAIRE Õ79 inspire Cipriani to give the world a quite exceptional soundtrack. Although primarily monothematic the complete score Ð here available for the first time Ð demonstrates just how fruitful and versatile the melodic / motif driven approach of the late Silver Age truly was. CiprianiÕs foundation premise of a frenetic chase theme for full orchestra is impressively morphed into a dizzying array of ideas Ð a truly rich tapestry of textures, impressions and mood are presented in the 27 tracks of this CD. As DeodatoÕs CONCORDE is essentially the last of the so-called disaster epics it strays from the originating principle of the genre and is a hybrid; more of an investigative thriller than disaster film. Cipriani addresses this by boldly infusing his familiar, highly melodic and adult-pop driven demeanor with synth flourishes that border on tropes more common to science fiction. Because of this the various themes and variations create a brand new sensation for the seasoned film score connoisseur. CONCORDE AFFAIRE Õ79 should be considered a rare treat and an exciting and successful experiment: an attractive, glamorous orchestral score with a fluent blending of paranoia and icy, hallucinogenic fear making for a delightfully idiosyncratic lounge-style cocktail! This particular CD release will most likely remind all of us of just how flagrantly entertaining and fun film music used to be.
Track Listing
01 Dangerous Flight (Main Title)* (01:51)
02 Affaire Theme* (02:55)
03 The Clash* (01:45)
04 Night Run* (01:41)
05 Martinica Dance* (02:25)
06 Affaire Theme for Strings* (01:48)
07 Martinica Feeling* (02:26)
08 Affaire Theme for Guitar* (02:46)
09 Soft Dream* (03:35)
10 Safe Landing* (01:13)
11 Rhythmic Feelings* (00:53)
12 Affaire Theme (Bossa)* (01:12)
13 Danger Call* (02:34)
14 Affaire Theme (Samba) (01:04)
15 Synth Theme (05:42)
16 Underwater Thrill (00:50)
17 Concorde Combo (01:25)
18 Happy Beat (01:37)
19 Danger Flight (alternate #1) (01:56)
20 Percussion Theme (01:13)
21 Life Alert (alternate #1) * (02:00)
22 Suspense Drums (01:15)
23 Affaire Theme for Guitar (alternate) (02:36)
24 Danger Flight (alternate #2) (03:30)
25 Life Alert (02:42)
26 Life Alert (alternate #2)* (01:33)
27 Dangerous Flight (End Title) (01:09)
*Previously issued in 1979 on LP Polydor MPF 1234