Conan The Barbarian - 2 x CD Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - Basil Poledouris

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At last! The complete score to John Milius's 1982 masterpiece, Conan The Barbarian. Arnold Schwarzenegger's breakthrough role was a huge hit and catapulted him to instant stardom. For such an epic movie, an epic composer was needed to write a powerful, yet poetic score. Basil Poledouris was assigned to score the movie and in alot of always prehaps writes his most prolific and symphonic score of his career. His skills was so precise and scoring the movie was indeed a triumph. The original release amounted to approx 60% of the music written.
Now for the first time, this 2CD limited edition, has the most complete version of this monumental score ever. Remastered and with a limited pressing of only 500! Be sure to order your copy now. Complete with booklet and liner notes.
Track Listing
Disc 1
1. Prologue
2. Anvil of Crom
3. Riddle of STeel/Riders of Doom
4. The Gift of Fury
5. Column of Sadness/Wheel of Pain
6. Gladiator
7. Discipline of Steel/What's Best in Life
8. Atlantean Sword
9. Thw Witch
10. Theology/Civilisation
11. Heaven of Thieves
12. Tower of Set
13. The Escape
14. Wifeing (Love theme from Conan The Barbarian)
15. The Tavern
16. At the court of King Osric
17. The Leaving/The Search

1. Mountain of Power Procession
2. Conan Captured
3. The Tree of Woe
4. Recovery
5. Battle Preparations
6. The Kitchen / The Orgy
7. Encounter with Rexor
8. The Funeral Pyre
9. Battle of the Mounds
10. Resourceful Warriors
11. Death of Rexor
12. Doom Decapitated
13. Orphans of Doom / The Awakening

14. Epilogue
15. End Titles
16. End Titles (Alternate Version)