Commando - Expanded Score - Limited 2000 Copies - James Horner

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Presenting the return of acclaimed composer James HornerÕs (STAR TREK II: WRATH OF KAHN, 48 HRS., TITANIC, AVATAR) legendary score to the 1985 Twentieth Century Fox actioner COMMANDO, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rae Dawn Chong and Alyssa Milano and directed by Mark L. Lester. HornerÕs propulsive orchestral, steel drum-laced score builds on his 48 HRS. motifs, resulting in the perfect, high-octane accelerator for SchwarzenggerÕs unstoppable, death-dealing assault. Remastered and expanded with bonus alternate tracks, COMMANDO is back and sounding better than ever. Also featured is the unforgettable end credits rock anthem ÒSomeday, Somehow, SomeoneÕs Going To PayÓ (AKA ÒWe Fight For LoveÓ) performed by The Power Station. Produced by Nick Redman, restored by Mike Matessino and mastered by Daniel Hersch, this dynamic release is limited to 3000 Units. Film music writer Jeff Bond provides captivating in-depth liner notes, featuring comments from screenwriter Steven E. de Souza and co-writer/lead vocalist on ÒSomeday, Somehow, SomeoneÕs Going To Pay,Ó Michael Des Barres


Track Listing
1 The Trashmen / The Agency :46
2 Main Title 3.45
3 The Helicopter Arrives :55
4 Run to the Shed and Chase 2.38
5 Matrix Captured/Jenny Tied Up 1.50
6 Into the Plane :53
7 DonÕt Disturb My Friend 3.36
8 Matrix Hits the Swamp 1.14
9 Matrix Walks in the Terminal :27
10 Matrix on the Move :48
11 DonÕt Move 6:30
12 Sully Starts to Run 4.33
13 Drive Away From Pier 3.41
14 Matrix Breaks Lock 2.13
15 Matrix Jumps to Floor 1.40
16 Cut to Val Verde 1.23
17 Matrix Climbs Up Bank 3.15
18 Soldier Gets Pitchfork/Matrix Runs Up Steps 3.47
19 Arius Crashes Through Window 3.20
20 Matrix Approaches General :56
21 Someday, Somehow, SomeoneÕs Gotta Pay 4.36
Performed by The Power Station 
22 Soldier Gets Pitchfork (alternate) 1.29
23 DonÕt Disturb My Friend (alternate) 3.21
24 DonÕt Disturb My Friend (alternate mix) 3.56
Total Time: 61:48