Cohen & Tate - Complete Score - Bill Conti

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World premiere of intense Bill Conti soundtrack from grim Eric Red thriller with Roy Scheider, Adam Baldwin as pair of hit men involved in murder, kidnapping, other nastiness. Conti takes cue from dark proceedings, writes tough orchestral score with abundance of cold strings, throbbing low piano, solid French horn. Action segments are rhythmic, aggressive highlights! Intrada presents entire score in dynamic stereo from two-track digital masters, courtesy both composer and MGM! Fans of Bill Conti may enjoy hearing this serious, extreme side to generally bright composer. Bill Conti conducts. Intrada Special Collection release limited to 1200 copies SOLD OUT
Track Listing
01. Main Title 1:13
02. The Hit 5:33
03. Wounded? 3:50
04. Tail Lites 4:23
05. ItÕs Them 1:11
06. ItÕs Really Them 0:54
07. Roadblock 6:11
08. Kaboom 1:18
09. The New Car 0:38
10. Travis Is Right 2:48
11. Near Miss 1:58
12. Round To Tate 1:43
13. Travis Slips Away 2:33
14. Help Me 1:17
15. The Final Battle 4:40
16. End Title 2:06