Clash of the Titans - 2 x LP Complete Score - Limited 500 Copies - (Black Gatefold Vinyl) - Laurence Rosenthal

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World premiere 2-LP release of complete score to rousing Desmond Davis fantasy film starring Harry Hamlin, Laurence Olivier, Burgess Meredith with visual effects by legendary Ray Harryhausen. Spectacular Laurence Rosenthal score offers incredible sweep, colorful excitement, dynamic action. Original LP & CD featured 39 minutes of music (less than half of the finished score) but Intrada 2-disc set presents entire 90-minute score, including rare choral pieces written for Mount Olympus scenes that went largely unused! Also appearing for first time: powerful "Two-Headed Dog" battle, lengthy, imposing "The Quest" sequence plus entire "Medusa" cue. Also featured is original (and longer) "Prologue And Main Title" plus shorter revision used for finished film and earlier albums. Entire score presented in glorious stereo from multi-track master elements courtesy Warner Bros. & generous efforts by Lukas Kendall at FSM plus Sony Music. 
Intrada 2-LP set on premium 180 gram vinyl plus deluxe UV-coated full-color gatefold jacket with artwork title on spine contained in heavy polywrap bag. Laurence Rosenthal conducts London Symphony Orchestra.
Track Listing
Side A
01. Prologue And Main Title 3:59
02. Olympus [Chorus] 2:33
03. Argos Is Doomed 1:46
04. Argos Destroyed 2:27
05. Boyhood Of Perseus 3:05
06. ZeusÕs Judgment [Chorus] 0:58
07. Transformation Of Calibos 0:59
08. Dreams And Omens 2:03
09. Zeus Commands The Gifts [Chorus] 1:25
10. Magic Weapons 1:05
11. Fulfill Your Destiny [Chorus] 1:08

Side B
01. Invisible/Joppa 2:44
02. Andromeda 4:21
03. Pegasus/To The Marsh 6:32
04. The Lord Of The Marsh 3:56
05. The Fight In The Swamp/Fanfare 1:02
06. Curse Ended/The Dancing Girl 1:57

Side C
01. Justice Or Revenge/The Lovers 2:23
02. The Head Of Thetis/Pegasus In The Net 3:09
03. ÒWe Follow The North StarÓ 0:27
04. ÒIt Is My WishÓ [Chorus] 1:24
05. Bubo Arrives/The Quest 5:41
06. The Farewell 2:17
07. The River Styx 2:50
08. Medusa Temple/Two Headed Dog 3:31

Side D
01. Medusa 6:36
02. The Magic Sword 2:47
03. Bubo The Dive-Bomber 1:21
04. Andromeda Shackled 2:04
05. The Kraken 3:27
06. Clash Of The Titans/Andromeda Rescued 4:20
07. The Constellations Ð End Title 4:05
Total Album Time: 89:40