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Clan Of The Cave Bear - Original Score - Alan Silvestri

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Alan SilvestriÕs all-electronic score for The Clan of The Cave Bear comes from early in his career, when he was just becoming a major name in film music. The Clan of The Cave Bear followed the composerÕs classic Back To The Future (1985) by just one year. Though Cave Bear is a synthesizer score, it is still loaded with melody, creative writing and beauty.

The film gave Silvestri a huge canvas. Based on the first of Jean Auel's four bestselling prehistoric novels set 35,000,000 years ago, this epic film tells the story of one woman's struggle for acceptance amidst a barbaric clan. Daryl Hannah (Grumpy Old Men, Legal Eagles) is the Cro-Magnon who seeks shelter among a tribe of Neanderthals. Extraordinary location photography and a script by John Sayles (Passion Fish, Eight Men Out) make this a truly stunning motion picture. Co-starring Pamela Reed (Junior, Kindergarten Cop) and Curtis Armstrong (Risky Business, Revenge of the Nerds). (SOLD OUT!)
Track Listing
1. Main Title (3:16)
2. The Bear Skull (1:33)
3. Ayla Finds The Cave (1:37)
4. Ayla Alone (2:13)
5. The Glacier Trek (2:29)
6. The Clan Finds Ayla (3:27)
7. Creb On The Mountain (1:44)
8. The Counting (2:41)
9. Creb Gives Ayla Totem (3:22)
10. Wolf Attack (1:27)
11. The Vision (3:38)
12. IzaÕs Death (2:08)
13. Caught (4:08)
14. The Clan (1:57)
15. Ayla Hugs Creb (2:11)
16. The Rape (1:37)
17. End Title (6:34