City Of Fear - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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World premiere release of legendary Jerry Goldsmith's earliest film score to date! Writing music for only his second feature film, Goldsmith launches his unique approach to action and thrills. This taut 1959 black and white thriller with Vince Edwards briskly tells the tale of a convict breaking out of prison with a cannister of what he thinks his pure heroin. What he's really stolen is, of course, a deadly radioactive test material. He runs loose in the city, the police pursue and Goldsmith mirrors the action with his then brand-new signature ideas of quirky piano rhythms (played by John Williams!), low brass ostinatos, challenging horn parts, trumpets paired with chimes, menacing percussion figures, nervous xylophone motifs, riveting chase cues, jagged woodwind ideas, transparent orchestrations and more! (An obvious training ground for THE SATAN BUG in more ways than one!) The picture was a brief 81-minute thrill ride with Goldsmith providing a mere half hour of score, but both picture and music were perfectly paced. Intrada presents the score from original 1/4" mono session elements (as recorded for the picture) courtesy Sony Pictures. Tapes were in good condition save one solitary cue, missing from scoring master but fortunately preserved on separate music & effects track (with minimal effects!) Original film campaign art plus informative liner notes from Jeff Bond complete package. An important addition to any library of film soundtracks, CITY OF FEAR offers listeners the very first glimpse of Goldsmith just getting started in what became his most famous scoring style: action!
Track Listing
01. Get Away/Main Title 4:17
02. Road Block 1:26
03. Motel 1:20
04. The Facts 1:00
05. Montage #1 1:03
06. Tennis Shoes 1:53
07. The Shoes 0:35
08. Montage #2 2:10
09. You CanÕt Stay 1:36
10. Taxicab 3:28
11. Waiting 1:11
12. Search 2:34
13. Track Down 1:32
14. End Of The Road 2:44
15. Finale 1:50