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Cinecocktail 2 - 2CD Original Scores - Francesco DeMasi / Armando Trovaioli

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3 folds digipack, double CD, inside poster, 100 minutes of muisc with a OST compilation from our catalogue with a lot of never released before tracks and a bonus CD that features 6 gorgeous nu-jazz remixes by Francesco Santucci!
Cinecocktail 2 offers a selection that kicks-off with a jazz mood from the late 60s and early 70s, with tracks taken from the scores "La ragazza dalle mani di corallo", "Kriminal", "Satanik", and "Colpo maestro al servizio di sua maestÌ Britannica". The Rhythms will keep rising, and soon you will find yourself in the midst of melodies with more "beat" and "shake", featuring tracks taken from the original soundtracks of the movies "Un amore all'arrabbiata", "l'isola delle svedesi", and from both there are found here many tracks never before released! Following these up-beat selections the music climbs further into the decade of the 70s until it reaches the heights where exist the funkiest grooves of 1979, and from here you may imagine yourself looking out over all the musical landscape just explored.
Track Listing
CD1: 21 great OST titles (see cover), including 9 prev. unreleased tracks
CD2: 6 "jazzy" remixes by Francesco Santucci