Cinderella Liberty - Complete Score - John Williams

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CD world premiere of John Williams soundtrack for salty Mark Rydell drama with James Caan as sailor on brief liberty, Marsha Mason as hooker he falls in love with. Williams writes score of some importance: project immediately follows on heels of POSEIDON ADVENTURE (which initiates ultra-successful series of disaster films like TOWERING INFERNO, EARTHQUAKE, JAWS) but plays in contrast to Irwin Allen's upside down tale with its own seaworthy score full of wistful romance, soulful melody, brash poolhall swagger. Tuneful effort earns Williams not one but two Academy Award nominations: one for original score, one for haunting song written in partnership with Paul Williams. Further adding to importance is introduction of soon-to-be Williams signature of scoring for world-class instrumental soloists: here he engages harmonica work of legendary Jean "Toots" Thielemans. Original LP on newly-reborn 20th Century label (which soon reverts back to 20th Century Fox Records) is now premiered on CD direct from original stereo album masters. Liner notes by Jeff Bond complete handsome package. SOLD OUT!
Track Listing
01. Wednesday Special (Main Title) (2:28)
ÐVocal by Paul Williams
02. Nice To Be Around (2:51)
03. New Shooter (3:07)
04. Maggie Shoots Pool (3:56)
05. Maggie and Baggs (4:07)
06. Boxing Montage (2:59)
07. Nice To Be Around (2:38)
ÐVocal by Paul Williams
08. NeptuneÕs Bar (2:23)
09. Cinderella Liberty Love Theme (3:59)
10. The Ferry Ride (1:46)
11. A Baby Boy Arrives (2:06)
12. Wednesday Special (End Title) (2:28)
ÐVocal by Paul Williams