Chips - Complete Season 4 - Alan Silvestri

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For fans who can't get enough of Alan Silvestri√ïs disco-driven, up-tempo and melodically inspired music for seasons two and three of the hit TV series, CHiPs, FSM now proudly presents Volume 3√ëfocusing on music from the show√ïs fourth season (1980-81).
The show, which mixed spectacular stunts with human-interest police stories, brought out the best of SilvestriÕs pop sensibilities. Unlike his better-known symphonic scores, the music he created for CHiPs was contemporary and energetic, organic to the disco style of the day yet unlike anything else on the air. He kept the music fresh by writing new melodies for each episode.
Because a musiciansÕ strike forced the producers to re-use music from past shows for part of the season, only 12 episodes in season four featured new and original music by Silvestri. This means that this volume features longer suites (with more cues) for each episode.
Typically, Silvestri orchestrated each episode for an ensemble of around 20 players, but one episode on this disc (ÒMitchell and Woods,Ó produced in season four but aired in season five) was a pilot for a potential spin-off series. Its larger budget gave Silvestri the chance to create a slightly different sound with an orchestra of 35, including a scat-singing vocal component.
Just as with Volumes 1 and 2, FSMÕs third CHiPs CD is entirely in stereo from first-generation 1/2Ó three-track master tapes and features liner notes by Lukas Kendall. No collection of classic television scores is complete without CHiPs, so rev up your Ôcycles, put on your shades and get ready to travel back to the early 1980s
Track Listing
1. Main Title (Parker, arr. Silvestri) (01:17)
2. Late Night Snack/Not All the Way/Tie Rod (03:39)
3. YouÕll Find Out/Would You Believe (02:11)
4. Escort/Rescue (05:09)
5. Bumper (Parker, arr. Silvestri) (00:07)
Tracks 2-4 from To Your Health
6. The Cops (02:06)
7. The Owner/Loaded Up (04:03)
Tracks 6-7 from Go-Cart Terror
8. The Team (03:27)
9. Taking a Nap/Step Aside/More Fire (04:43)
Tracks 8-9 from Home Fires Burn
10. Will Assist/Sinking (03:54)
11. Bad Boat/Playtime/Just Kidding (03:48)
12. Sharks/Disappear (05:38)
Tracks 10-12 from Sharks
13. What Truck (Source)/Arms in the Air (Source) (03:09)
14. Pile Up/Accident (03:29)
Tracks 13-14 from PonchÕs Angels
15. LetÕs Roll/I See ÕEm (03:27)
16. You Blew It/LetÕs Do It/Freeze/Testify (03:37)
Tracks 15-16 from Karate
17. Backup/Go for It (03:48)
From New Guy in Town
18. Late Model/HeÕs Here (06:21)
From The Hawk and the Hunter
19. Main Title/LetÕs Get Him (04:02)
From Mitchell & Woods
20. Dials/Excuse Me, Sir/Mustang/Hey Mister (04:34)
From Vigilante
21. LetÕs Race/Run By/IÕm Sorry/Hold It (03:48)
From Dead ManÕs Riddle
22. The Rabbit/Get It (02:03)
23. End Title (Parker, arr. Silvestri) (00:28)
Tracks 22-23 from A Simple Operation
Total Duration: 01:18:48