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Chain Reaction - Complete Score - Limited 3000 Copies - Jerry Goldsmith

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Nobody wrote action music like Jerry Goldsmith. His entire career is filled with scores in each era that saw Jerry truly writing and then rewriting the book when it came to action scoring. Of course, he defined and redefined many more genres than action, but itÕs his great rhythmic action writing that gets a workout in this 1996 score for 20th Century FoxÕs Chain Reaction. For one, the cue Ice Chase is very clearly an Òit could only be JerryÓ kind of cue. More than doubling the length of the original soundtrack release, we are thrilled to present this greatly expanded Deluxe Edition of Jerry GoldsmithÕs Chain Reaction.
Chain Reaction (1996) was directed by Andrew Davis and stars Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward, Kevin Dunn and Brian Cox. Two members of an advanced energy experiment--a clever machinist and ambitious female physicist--become fugitives from government operatives who've framed them for murder and the bombing of their lab as part of a concerted effort to bury their project's promising energy research.

Track Listing

1. Meet Eddie (4:53) 
2. Open Minds (2:47) 
3. Invaders (1:04) 
4. Too Late (2:28) 
5. Aftermath (1:12) 
6. Questions (1:45) 
7. Can√ït Stay (1:44) 
8. Visitors /The Meeting (4:25) 
9. Be Safe (5:52) 
10. A_Song / The Observatory (2:40) 
11. Getting There / C_Systems (4:15) 
12. Ice Chase (5:52) 
13. The Old House (2:50) 
14. Assassins (5:44) 
15. The Museum (4:01) 
16. Sardines And Crackers (1:05) 
17. Lily And Chen / Eddie (1:29) 
18. The Number / Deeper In (2:19) 
19. No Solution (2:48) 
20. My Job / The Deal (1:42) 
21. Well Done (2:02) 
22. System Down (2:28) 
23. On Your Way (1:50) 
24. Inside The_Plant (2:01) 
25. Open Door (Extended) (3:18) 
26. Out Of The Hole (3:35)