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Castlevania II Simon's Quest - Complete Game Score - Limited Edition - Konami Kukeiha Club

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Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Original Video Game Soundtrack 10". Music by Konami Kukeiha Club. Artwork by Eric Powell. Pressed on Blue Vinyl with Green Splatter. Available for the first time on vinyl.
We are proud to present the second title in our on-going Castlevania soundtrack series, the NES proto-RPG sequel Simon's Quest. 
A departure from the structure of the previous (and subsequent) chapters of the Belmont saga, Simon's Quest takes the titular hero out of the castle to fight for his soul. Traveling from villages to mansions, through the forests and cemeteries, searching for the remains of Dracula to lift a curse placed upon him after he defeated the Prince of Darkness in the previous chapter.
Musically, Simon's Quest is the origin of one of the most popular of Castlevania BMG, "Bloody Tears." A staple of the sonic landscape for the series, here it is as the soundtrack to your daylight encounters across the dangerous Transylvanian landscape. It is one of the catchiest 8-Bit tunes to ever come out of this era of Konami games and an example of some of the best that Video Game Music has to offer.
This album features both versions of the soundtrack, the NES version on Side A, and the FAMICOM version of the soundtrack on Side B.

NES Version
A1 Message Of Darkness
A2 The Silence Of The Daylight
A3 Bloody Tears
A4 Monster Dance
A5 Dwelling Of Doom
A6 Within These Castle Walls
A7 Last Boss
A8 A Requiem
A9 Game Over
Famicon Version
B1 Message Of Darkness
B2 The Silence Of The Daylight
B3 Bloody Tears
B4 Monster Dance
B5 Dwelling Of Doom
B6 Within These Castle Walls
B7 Last Boss
B8 A Requiem
B9 Game Over