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Of all the decisions De Palma made, one of the most important was choosing Pino Donaggio as composer. De Palma had used Bernard Herrmann on two of his films Ð Sisters and Obsession, but Herrmann had passed away in 1975. In 1976, Donaggio only had one major film to his credit, but his score to that film was masterful Ð Nicholas RoegÕs DonÕt Look Now. However De Palma came to choose Donaggio, it was a perfect marriage of composer and film. DonaggioÕs score hits all the right notes Ð he brings out every emotion and all the subtext, with great suspense and horror music, plaintive and yearning music for the character of Carrie, two songs for the prom sequence (with lyrics by Merritt Malloy) that help make that sequence so magical and memorable, and light and infectious music for the calisthenics sequence and the scene at the tux shop. It is, in fact, a perfect score, a masterpiece of film scoring, with unforgettable themes that capture every nuance of the film.
United Artists released the soundtrack album on LP. It was an odd presentation in that almost all of the music was from the filmÕs second half, save for the main title sequence (which was repeated verbatim at the end of the album). The album ran thirty-five minutes. That LP was released twice on CD Ð first by Ryko (with dialogue snippets included to pad out the running time), and then by Varese Sarabande (with the dialogue snippets gone). Ryko used the album master, and the Varese was a clone of the Ryko release (the pop songs used in the film were not available to them or to us).
For this very special Encore Edition, we are pleased to present what was CD 1 of our previous 2-CD release (the second CD was simply the third release of the LP tracks and we are not including that disc in this 1-CD release) Ð the complete score to Carrie Ð every note of great music, in film order, remixed from the original sixteen track session tapes housed in the MGM vaults. We also found two instrumentals of the songs, which weÕve included as bonus tracks.
Track Listing
The Complete Score
1. Main Title
2. The PrincipalÕs Office / The Ashtray
3. Margaret Comes Home / The Telephone Call
4. The Closet: St. Sebastian / The Mirror / The Reflection
5. Calisthenics
6. The Card Catalogue / Telekinesis
7. Carrie and Miss Collins
8. The Slaughter / The Storm/Outside The Gym / Margaret Prays
9. The Tuxedo Shop
10. Waiting For Tommy / Tommy Arrives
11. Born To Have It All (vocal by Katie Irving)
12. I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love Someone Like Me (vocal by Katie Irving)
13. The Ballot / Carrie and Tommy / The Conspirators
14. The Coronation / The Blood
15. The Retribution
16. Carrie Returns Home
17. The Bath / Carrie and Margaret
18. The Crucifixion
19. The House
20. The Dream / The Nightmare / End Titles
Bonus Tracks
21. Born To Have It All (instrumental version)
22. I Never Dreamed Someone Like You Could Love
Someone Like Me (instrumental version)

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