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Capricorn One – Original Score – Limited 3000 Copies – Jerry Goldsmith (OUT OF PRINT)


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Capricorn One remains one of Jerry Goldsmith’s most iconic and influential scores. Practically every score the composer wrote during this time of his career seemed to be setting new ground. Goldsmith continued in a way that Bernard Herrmann did as he centred the music pulse of what is essentially a chase film around an ostinato. The score draws upon an asymmetrical meter (11/8 or 3/4 + 5/8) with a pounding bass line, a rhythmical approach that would influence much of his work to come. the original soundtrack recording reveals the exposition of the score and how the ostinato theme grows with newly released connective material. Complexities in orchestration are evident in Abort 1 and 2 with some exciting use of brass, synth, pizzicato and piano stabs as the astronauts are forced to leave the launch pad early in the film. These two cues and The Docking (a sequence dropped from the film) contain an important development of the ostinato with added notes in the bass line.
Track Listing
1 Main Title 2:49
2 Bedtime Story 3:03
3 Docking 2:57
4 No Water 2:29
5 The Message 4:36
6 Break Out 3:15
7 Kay’s Theme 3:20
8 The Station 3:33
9 The Snake 3:40
10 The Long Climb 3:55
11 The Letter 2:55
12 The Celebration 3:05

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