Cannibal Holocaust - Uncut French Blu-Ray - Ruggero Deodato

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Cannibal Holocaust - Ulimate Edition Uncut French Blu-Ray
Friends of European trash cinema, regular readers obscure fanzines moviegoers , accustomed evenings Bi film libraries of France and Navarre, this DVD is for you always ! Cannibal Holocaust , masterpiece filouterie nauseous ( this little clever Ruggero Deodato up his film as an anthropological documentary to show us the worst horrors ) , headlight film the most unhealthy district cinoche finally experiencing a digital output to measure of his infernal aura: a double DVD with remastered sound and consistent Film bonus. Torture , slaughter (real) animals, sex, rape, castration and a memorable scene ( so striking that the Italian justice really believed that the actor had been emasculated !) Are actually believed this movie menu, not recommended for sensitive stomachs. As a bonus, a making of a " featurette ," a documentary about cannibals cinema, Deodato defending on his film, trailers ...etc
  • Master high-definition original overseen by Ruggero Deodato
  • Uncensored Version
  • Cannibal Holocaust , the documentary" (60 ')
  • Press conference by Ruggero Deodato ( Paris - December 2003) (22 ')
  • Censored Scenes
  • Interview with Julien Seveon (12 ')
  • Trailers
  • Filmography of Ruggero Deodato
Region Free