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Call Me By Your Name - 2 x LP Original Score - (Peach Vinyl) - Ryuichi Sakamoto

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The vinyl package of Call Me By Your Name includes a poster, an insert and the 180 gram records are housed in 2 exclusive printed innersleeves.
The is the special Limited Peach Season Edition. The records are pressed on peach- coloured vinyl and the gatefold sleeve has a peach scent. 7.777 individually numbered copies are available, but only in Peach Harvest season.

- 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl Pvc Protective Sleeve
- Includes 2 Printed Innersleeves Includes Insert
- Includes Poster
- Featuring 3 Songs By Sufjan Stevens √íMystery Of Love√ì, √íVisions Of Gideon√ì & √íFutile Devices (Doveman Remix)√ì 
- Featuring Songs By Ryuichi Sakamoto, Giorgio Mororder, The Psychedelic Furs And Others
- Multiple Award Winning Movie
- Limited Peach Season Edition Of 7.777 Numbered Copies With Peach-Scent Gatefold Sleeve On Peach-Coloured Vinyl

Track Listing
1 Hallelujah Junction √ê 1st movement √ê John Adams  
2 M.A.Y. in the Backyard Ryuichi Sakamoto  
3 J√ïadore Venise Loredana BertÔøΩ  
4 Paris Latino Bandolero
1 Sonatine bureaucratique Frank Glazer  
2 √íZion h≈°rt die W≈†chter singen√ì Alessio Bax  
3 Lady Lady Lady Giorgio Moroder & Joe Esposito
1 Une barque sur l√ïoc≈Ωan Andr≈Ω Laplante  
2 Futile Devices (Doveman Remix) Sufjan Stevens  
3 Germination Ryuichi Sakamoto  
4 Words F.R. David  
5 é la vita Marco Armani
1 Mystery of Love Sufjan Stevens  
2 Radio Varsavia Franco Battiato  
3 Love My Way The Psychedelic Furs  
4 Le jardin f≈Ωerique Val≈Ωria Szerv‚Ä°nszky & Ronald Cavaye  
5 Visions of Gideon Sufjan Stevens