Caboblanca - Complete Score - Jerry Goldsmith

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In this strange, unsatisfying remake of "Casablanca," directed by J. Lee Thompson, a bar owner helps a woman find a missing fortune. Right after the end of WWII, Giff Hoyt (Charles Bronson) owns a bar in Peru into which Marie Allesandri (Dominique Sanda) enters one day, in search of her lover and some missing money. Matters are complicated by Gunther Beckdorff (Jason Robards), a Nazi who has his own plans for the money. Terredo (Fernando Rey) observes all the action and helps at an important moment. Despite the very good cast which also includes Camilla Sparv and Gilbert Roland, all of the various subplots and characters fail to gel, and "Caboblanco" is confusing, unsatisfying and slow-moving. 1981
Track Listing
1. Main Title 2:34
2. The Diving Bell 2:43
3. "The Very Thought of You" - Instrumental* 3:53
4. Beckdorf's House 1:45
5. The Drowning 1:58
6. Heaven Knows (Lyrics by Carol Heather) 3:29
7. "The Very Thought of You" - Love Scene* 1:10
8. Boat Attack/Jungle Run 6:17
9. Hide and Seek 6:26
10. The Final Act Begins 1:54
11. The End of Beckdorf 1:54
12. "The Very Thought of You" - Finale and End Credits* 4:41
* Composed by Ray Noble