Busting - Complete Score - Limited 1000 Copies - Billy Goldenberg

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GoldenbergÕs score for Busting is one of his most interesting and unusual Ð it has some serious funk, some fun source music, some terrific suspense cues, and some very unorthodox (for the time) orchestrations. His music fits the film like a glove Ð itÕs just as sly, irreverent and off-the-cuff as the movieÕs sly, irreverent and off-the-cuff protagonists. Every cue that Goldenberg wrote for the film. Some of these are dialed so low in the film mix that you canÕt even hear them. Kritzerland assembled the cues in film order, but have consolidated a few of the shorter cues into longer ones for a better listening experience. There were two source music cues that didnÕt have cue numbers that didnÕt seem to be used in the film (at least that you could hear) Ð Kritzerland included those as bonus tracks Ð one of them has some great funky organ that would have been perfectly at home in any number of blaxploitation films of that decade. The score was assembled from the mono tapes housed in the MGM vault.
Track Listing
01. Main Title
02. Busting the Club
03. Home Alone
04. The Search
05. The Chase
06. The Market
07. The Building
08. The Electra
09. Outside the Electra
10. Tailing Rizzo
11. Off Beat
12. Shazam
13. The Restaurant
14. Happy Birthday
15. RizzoÕs House/RizzoÕs Heart Attack
16. The Hospital
17. Flowers and Drugs
18. Nailing Rizzo
19. End Title
20. Street Funk
21. Muzak Source
Tracks 20-21 - Bonus tracks