Bunny Lake Is Missing - Complete Score - Limited Edition - Paul Glass

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Knockout 60's RCA soundtrack album by Paul Glass finally appears on CD! Otto Preminger directs, Laurence Olivier, Carol Lynley, Keir Dullea, Noel Coward star, popular British rock band The Zombies makes appearance, John and Penelope Mortimer script from Evelyn Piper novel. Mother leaves young daughter at new school in London, then returns to find child has vanished without a trace! Soon her motives are questioned by all concerned. Ample surprises await the viewer of this black & white thriller from Columbia Pictures. Paul Glass writes powerhouse symphonic score in advanced style, shows influences of teachers Ingolf Dahl, Witold Lutoslawski while suggesting cinematic vernacular of such scoring legends as David Amram, Leonard Rosenman, Alex North. Cool idea has gentle main theme playing over very tonal harmonies in almost every solo color imaginable, from recorder to soprano sax, from bassoon to French horn, from oboe to full strings. Meanwhile harpsichord, piano, vibraphone all contribute to atmosphere. Then, in incredibly dynamic fashion, Glass introduces plethora of brass, percussion in violent, aggressive action material. Intense cues play in direct opposition to serenity of main theme, culminating in climactic "Touching The Sky", where both tonal and atonal ideas merge in powerful 6-minute piece for full orchestra. One of the most complex, fierce and beautiful film scores of the 60's! Original RCA album ran just under 40 minutes, covered every one of the score's major highlights and cues. Intrada presents entire album, including three vivid tracks by The Zombies, from original two-track stereo album masters vaulted in pristine condition, courtesy Sony Music. Dramatic packaging features classic original Saul Bass cover art. Paul Glass conducts.
Track Listing
01. Theme From Bunny Lake Is Missing (6:53)
02. Chocolates For Bunny (1:03)
03. The Empty House At Frogmore End (5:09)
04. NothingÕs Changed (The Zombies) (2:32)
05. Just Out Of Reach (The Zombies) (2:08)
06. Remember You (The Zombies) (2:10)
07. Bunny (3:39)
08. A World of Dolls (4:18)
09. Wild Games! (2:32)
10. SamanthaÕs Waltz (1:34)
11. Touching The Sky (5:51)
12. End Title From Bunny Lake Is Missing (1:14)