Braveheart – Original Score – Special Edition – James Horner


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James Horners classic and symphonic score to the hit Mel Gibson movie, Braveheart. James Horner’s musical career was at its peak during the late 80’s and early 90’s and this was no exception. A beautiful and timeless score, Horner’s themes are simply superb and easily ranks as one his the late maestro’s best. Since his death in 2015, we have been extremely fortunate to have many expanded and complete scores to enjoy, he was truly a musical legend.
Track Listing
1 Main Title
2 A Gift of a Thistle
3 Wallace Courts Murron
4 The Secret Wedding
5 Attack On Murron
6 Revenge
7 Murron’s Burial
8 Making Plans/Gathering the Clans
9’Son Of Scotland’
10 The Battle of Stirling
11 For the Love of a Princess
12 Falkirk
13 Betrayal & Desolation
14 Mornay’s Dream
15 The Legend Spreads
16 The Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life
17’Freedom’/The Execution Bannockburn
18 End Credits

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