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La-La Land Records, Icon Productions, Paramount Pictures and Universal Music Special Markets proudly celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the 1995 historical epic BRAVEHEART with an expanded and remastered 2-CD limited edition release of renowned composer James Horner’s (ALIENS, GLORY, SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER, TITANIC) original motion picture score. The 1995 Best Picture winner, starring Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau and Patrick McGoohan, and directed by Mel Gibson, continues to endure today as a cinematic landmark and Mr. Horner’s indelible, Oscar-nominated score ranks among his finest – thrilling, dramatic, romantic – expertly supporting and advancing plot, character and heartfelt emotion in equal measure. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and Mike Matessino, and mastered by Matessino from Paramount vault elements, this 2-CD expanded presentation has a total running time of nearly 2 hours and 10 minutes and contains previously unreleased music, as well as source music tracks and additional alternate cues. Exclusive, in-depth liner notes from writer Jeff Bond, featuring new interview comments from director/star Mel Gibson, and bold art direction from Jim Titus complement this deluxe release, marking this classic film’s anniversary and composer James Horner’s rich legacy. This limited edition release of 3000 units is dedicated to James Horner’s memory.
Track Listing
DISC 1 (Total Time: 67:42)
Logo / Main Title 3:38
Hanging of the Peacemakers* 1:21
William’s Father Leaves to Fight* :59
A Father’s Final Return* 2:56
A Gift of a Thistle 1:39
Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes 2:06
Royal Wedding* / Domino Fidelium 2:10
Grown Wallace Arrives* 1:19
Prima Noctes 1:58
Wallace Courts Murron 4:29
The Secret Wedding 6:36
Attack on Murron 3:02
Revenge (extended version)+ 6:46
Murron’s Burial 2:17
Wallace on the Move* / Run to the Stronghold* 3:26
Making Plans / Gathering the Clans (extended version)+ 2:13
Sons of Scotland 6:22
The Battle of Stirling (extended version)+ 6:18
Wallace Moves on York* 1:25
Wallace’s Dream* 2:13
Vision of Murron 1:55
The Princess Was a Pawn* / Wallace Moves Again* 2:38
DISC 2 (Total Time: 61:27)
Falkirk 4:08
Betrayal and Desolation 7:51
Mornay’s Dream 1:19
The Legend Spreads* 1:13
The Fire Trap* 1:16
Romantic Alliance* 2:25
Wallace Is Caught* 1:43
The Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life (film version)* 3:39
Wallace to the Scaffold* 1:22
“Freedom” / The Execution / Bannockburn 7:23
End Credits 7:15
For the Love of a Princess 4:11
Source Music:
Scottis* Wedding Music 1:25
Drum Roll* / Sleepy Maggy* 1:13
Additional Music:
Main Title (album version) 2:55
Sons of Scotland (alternate)+ 6:21
The Battle of Stirling (alternate opening)* 2:06
The Princess Pleads for Wallace’s Life (album version) 3:43
Total Album Time: 129:09
* Previously unreleased
+ Contains previously unreleased material

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