Varese Sarabande

Brass Target - Complete Score - Laurence Rosenthal

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Laurence Rosenthal (with a list of classics that includes Clash Of The Titans, Return Of A Man Called Horse and The Miracle Worker) goes back a long time with VarÔøΩse Sarabande √ë all the way, in fact √â to 1978!  Laurence Rosenthal√ïs Brass Target was actually our first release of a new film score.  Celebrating not only VarÔøΩse Sarabande√ïs 35th Anniversary but also Brass Target√ïs, we are thrilled to present the CD debut of the Laurence Rosenthal√ïs powerful, militaristic score.
Track Listing
1. MaraÕs Theme / The Man From Switzerland (3:42)
2. Violence In The Bell Tower (2:01)
3. The Ferry On Lake Lucerne (4:51)
4. The Weapon And The Disguise (5:39)
5. Reminiscing (2:50)
6. Setting The Stage (4:40)
7. The ÒAccidentÓ (3:50)
8. The Last Of Webber / End Title (MaraÕs Theme) (8:32)