Born Free - Original Score - John Barry

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Barry's main theme -- given lyrics by Don Black and sung by Matt Munro -- became a pop sensation and one of the world's most recognizable movie songs, a veritable cultural landmark. The song "Born Free" has been so successful that it has overshadowed the rest of the score, which is a thoroughly satisfying, romantic and dramatic work. Barry maintains the predominant tone of Disneyesque charm but ranges from dark, suspenseful passages (for the hunting of a man-eating lion) to buoyant setpieces for Elsa's development, and a heartbreaking finale as Elsa is returned to the wild.
The sound is symphonic, but with ethnic African touches (in Barry's inimitable style); the score is a far more serious and diverse work than most people realize. Barry was rushed in his film recording of Born Free and at his insistence performed it again for album release (on MGM Records).
Track Listing
1. Main Title -- Born Free (2:39)
2. The Hunt (3:13)
3. Elsa at Play (4:36)
4. The Death of Pati (3:34)
5. Waiting for Joy (1:57)
6. Killing at Kiunga (2:35)
7. Born Free (vocal), Matt Monro (2:48)
8. Holiday With Elsa (2:47)
9. Flirtation (4:07)
10. Warthog Hunt (2:20)
11. Fight of the Lioness (2:37)
12. Reunion/Born Free (5:51)
Total duration: 39 minutes